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The Works of Author Nadia

Past. Present. Future.

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Marriage on the Street Corners of Tehran

June, 2011

Published by Unhooked Books 

"Shahram's gripping debut novel... more powerful for being based on real-life experiences, working as an engrossing fictional story and an expose of gender discrimination in Iran. The authentic, intimate story narrated by Ateesh pulls the reader in and encompasses not only her life but also that of other women, exposing a wide range of inequities between the genders in Iranian culture." 

                                  - Publisher's Weekly

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Self Published: 
Marriage on the Street Corners of Tehran


At age twelve, Ateesh is forced into an arranged marriage with an abusive man.

When she objects, she is told that she "needs a man's name on her, to protect her." While in one ear that would have been the end of her story , here it is just the beginning for a young woman determined to make her own decisions. 

She engages the help of other strong women who, despite worries about family honor, eventually help Ateesh obtain a divorce and enter the path to a new life that leads to university.... 

Rather than submit to the oppressive control of another man, she decides to use men to gain independence from them. 

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